Dianna  Hammond

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EXCENTRIC EVENTS    "I am the eccentric! " - Dianna
for full club information see: www.excentricevents.com.au

  Dianna’s love of the “50+” folks is well known in her home region. For     10 years she has produced a Seniors & Retirees Luncheon for the Rotary   Club of Beecroft and over the many years of her career, often performed   Seniors’ concerts for Council and private events.


 “It seems that once you turn 50 you become invisible. This group of people have LIVED! They have a wealth of life experience to share, massive memories and vast family and community ties. By this age they have also realised what is important in life and what is not. I just love them!” Dianna.

The CARLINGFORD MORNING TEA CLUBS  had been in existence for around 40 years when Dianna was asked to take over as MC and subsequently became manager. The Morning Tea Clubs are (TLC) Tuesday Ladies Club and Wednesday, SOS Switched on Seniors’ Club. Having organised events for many years throughout her career including many Seniors and Retirees functions for Councils and Rotary, this seemed a perfect fit!


Christmas Party

Tuesday Ladies Club